Prof. Todeschini valedictory lecture

The valedictory lecture of Prof. Todeschini will take place on monday 16th of december 2019, 10:30, room U3-01 (building U3 – Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca): “Una vita per la ricerca, la ricerca di una vita” [link]

Kohonen and CPANN toolbox for MATLAB: new release

In this new release, batch training has been optimised and now it is faster than previous versions (computational time has been decreased on about 60%). RMSE (squared residuals between sampels and weights of winning neurons) and the average changing of the topological distance between previous and updated winning neurons can be plotted as a function of epochs during training.
The toolbox can be downloaded here.

Prof. Todeschini awarded with Medaglia Canneri

Durante l’Assemblea dei Soci della Divisione di Chimica Analiticadella Società Chimica Italiana è stata conferita al Prof. Roberto Todeschini la Medaglia Canneri in riconoscimento del suo contributo allo sviluppo e alla divulgazione della chemiometria.

Collaboration with Azuay is now official!

We had a collaboration with Univerisity of Azuay since the late ’80. Today, we participated to the cerimony for the official signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between our University and the Univerisity of Azuay (Cuenca, Equador), represented by its Rector, Prof. Francisco Salgado Arteaga.