Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics

This is the revised and enlarged edition of the Handbook of Molecular Descriptors. It is a unique dictionary of molecular descriptors that contains an alphabetical listing of more than 3300 descriptors and terms for chemoinformatic analysis of chemical compound properties. Includes a complete survey of the relevant literature with more than 6000 selected references. Visit the Wiley website for further information.

Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics
Roberto Todeschini and Viviana Consonni
WILEY – VCH, 2009
2 Volumes, 1257 Pages
ISBN-10: 3-527-31852-6
ISBN-13: 978-3-527-31852-0

in the Series of Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry – Volume 41
(Eds. R. Mannhold, H. Kubinyi, H. Timmerman)